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VR Software Development

We Kibrit Creative Solutions serve all the tasks in-house, from modeling 3D objects to developing scenarios and integrating for VR technologies. Kibrit Creative develops turn-key solutions for each individual VR(virtual reality) project with experted software staff

Services :

VR 3D Modeling (Virtual Reality 3D)

VR Software Development, VR  Game and Sumulation

Creating a VR Scenario,

VR Animation.


Oculus Rift, Htc vive, Gear, Google daydream

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Kibrit Creative Solutions was founded in 2006, Kibrit Creative Soluitons is a 3D Animation Studio supporting the R&D departments of heavy industry giants. In the early days of its create-produced simulations and 3-D animations / visuals of “Mobile Data Center” which is developed by Canovate Group. In 2009, Kibrit Creative Solutions produced a 3D short film describing all the operations of the Algeria Iron and Steel Factory jointly executed with the R&D department of CVS Steel Making.

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