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18 February 2022
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Renewable Energy Resources


Kibrit Creative Solutions is a one of design company which developed many product for the brand from all around globe since 2006. At the moment We are proud to present you our "Foldable Solar Panels" project, which we own all processes from the idea stage to the design stage. Foldable Solar Panels are a different variation of Pergola Systems which are widely used today and mostly used in cafeterias. On the other hand Our solution can also produce Clean Electrical Energy up to 25KW per system for unused areas in the city and it is one step ahead of traditional pergola systems with its modern design.


The idea came up from sustainable green future where we can replace Pergola System which used mostly at coffee shop.

Our solution can produce up to 25 KW from sun for each one of Coffeshop.


In order to obtain energy, which is indispensable today, from natural resources and to leave a clean mark on the future. We merged Aesthetics, Architecture and Engineering. As a result, we aimed to increase the usage of clean energy sources in cafeterias, which are one of the indispensable areas of use for people.

Renewable Energy Resources
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