Kibrit Creative Solutions provides the Service as it is. You have a possibility to test the Service using trial credits. You can use trial credits to get familiar with our software and to get a cost and time estimation before committing. We provide relevant documentation that is easily accessible. It covers all necessary aspects of the software to aid you in becoming a competent user of the Service. Our tech support monitors the Service and its usage to the best of its ability. Whenever we suspect any mistakes or errors, we will communicate with you. We also provide you access to Web Manager (web dashboard) with features allowing you to monitor and manage all necessary processes on the Service.  

If you are not completely happy with the quality and results you obtained through the Service, you can contact our support and request an explanation within 14 days after completed usage. We will investigate your case and, no later than 14 days after we received the request, we will present our position. In case of a mistake or a technical issue on our side, we will offer you a full or partial refund or some other form of compensation. Depending on the payment provider it may take up to 5 business days for the money to return to your bank after issuing a refund. In the case of render credit refunds, the amount will be reflected on your Account balance almost immediately after it has been issued. 

If the price you have been charged is the underlying reason for the requested refund, we will take the case into consideration only if the test on the job in question was performed. We cannot guarantee refunds for acts of negligence or misuse of our software and the Service.

Bonus credits received as part of our discount system are non-refundable. Example: $2,000 payment grants $2,320 render credits, the $320 is the bonus credit that can not be refunded. Any additional credits received as part of the troubleshooting process, compensation or sponsorship are non-refundable.


Kibrit Creative Solutions accepts online payments, wire transfers and, in special cases upon agreement, Western Union transfers and cheques. S

As a new user to the Service, you are eligible to receive a one-time trial credit that enables you to test the service. The trial credit does not expire, is non-transferable, and is non-refundable. After depleting received trial credit, you must purchase credits if you wish to continue using the Service. Credits must be purchased through the dedicated payment system available in the application. 

To receive all benefits of the Service and all standard account features you must purchase credits on a prepaid basis. This means you must have available credits on your account to be able to use the Service. Credits purchased in any way other than the standard payment plan available through the service, as described on the Kibrit Creative Solutions website and available in the application, will be deemed non-standard and as a result, will come with limitations. Such limitations may include but are not limited to waived access to volume discounts, offered promotions, and certain account features.

Account overdraft

Render jobs are not stopped immediately when their cost exceeds the credits available on the account. After each completed render task, the system calculates cost and deducts credits from the balance. As soon as the system detects negative balance, it won’t start any new tasks (frames), but it will finish rendering all current tasks (frames); in other words, it will pause the job. Account will be overdrawn, resulting in a negative balance unless the user stops the job before it generates excessive cost. 

When a user stops a job (issues a kill command), all the running tasks will stop immediately and lose any unsaved progress. The system will charge the account for the time render nodes were in use based on the node rate and selected priority.

Kibrit Creative Solutions reserves the right to intervene and stop any jobs that it deems excessive to improve the farm's overall performance and prevent misuse of the service.

The account's negative balance is the user’s responsibility and must be paid to enable full system functionality.

We recommend running test jobs before rendering full range/resolution to avoid overdrafts.