3D Animasyon ve Simulasyon Yapım Şirketi
3D Animasyon Şirketi
29 October 2018
3D Animasyon ve Simulasyon Yapım Şirketi
3D Animasyon Şirketi
29 October 2018

3D Animation Studios

Kibrit Creative Solutions was founded in 2006 as a 3D Animation Studio supporting the R&D departments of heavy industry giants. In the early days of its create-produced simulations and 3-D animations / visuals of “Mobile Data Center” which is developed by Canovate Group. In 2009, Kibrit Creative Solutions produced a 3D short film describing all the operations of the Algeria Iron and Steel Factory jointly executed with the R & D department of CVS Steel Making.

In 2015, Kibrit produced 120 hours 3D Animation for personnel training. Animation videos including Occupational Safety, backhoe loader Training, orientation, personal development and specialist trainings according to Turkish/Europe Standards. These 3D animated trainings gathered in a portal thus Human Resources was able to quickly screen candidate individuals and educate the existing staff.

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How Much Does A 3D Animation Cost?


The Cost of Producing one Animation is depends of content.
in order to find a right price for Your Business's Requirement, We need to discuss on Project

Let us give a few sample, why and how do we charge it

in this 3D Product Presentation Video, we need to model Human chin so first step of modeling we had to study on human anatomy and animate Company's product after Modeling 3D.
Company requited just a bit better quality for his product, thus we need to spend more them for rendering prosess.
in order to give a right price, we need to understand your expectation, your target !

Animation Lengh : 3,5 Minutes
Animation Quality : Expectation of your Image Quality per Second, it affect the rendering time
Content : Simulation Needed : No, Character Rigging Needed : No
Working Hours on Project : 2 Month
Voice Overing Company has not required voiceovering, However could have been between 10-35.000. it depends who is going to speech
Production Time : 5 weeks
Final Price : 1500 USD
In this 3D Animated video, We had to create 3d models of the machine park which is in the company' manufacturing line, According to their Requirement

Company had not required not top quality resolution, However while we try to highlight their story, we had to work on 3D Character Rigging.

Animation Lengh : 6 Minutes
Animation Quality : Low Quality
Content : Simulation Needed : YES, Character rigging: YES
Working Hours on Project : 4 Month
Voice Overing Company required voiceover in with Turkish Language and it cost 100 USD
Production Time : 4 Month
Final Price : 9500 USD
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How Long Does It Take to Produce an 3D Animation Movie ?


The first stage in the creation of a 3D animated film consists of developing a suitable visual story, which generally takes 4 to 8 weeks. The actual production takes a further 3 to 6 months, depending on the length of the film and the complexity of the 3D animations.

A Few of Point that will affect the production time

1Liquid (Fluid) Simulation
If there is a dense liquid simulation in the project, this process can take up to 30 working days on average. As well as we produced 4K large Waterfall simulation at Hannover, Germany
23D Character Design
If one or dozens of 3d Characters need to be produced in your project. Creating a 3d Character takes around a week for each character. Of course, in this process, the production process can be minimized by purchasing ready-made 3d Characters.
3Environment Contents
If a Special Concept is required, the production time of the scenes will be 1-4 weeks for each one of 3D Scene.
4Post Production
After we Create pre-render for the project, we include soundtrack, voiceover on, 2d Explanation vectors according to story.

Kibrit Creative Solutions

3D Animation Studios
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